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TPS Signs is the place for all varieties of custom decal stickers. We can design signs, banners and decals that get the message across in a special way. Custom decals from TPS Signs include a world of shapes, materials, sizes, colors, typestyles or fonts or special features.

At TPS Signs we can produce rolls of decals, metallic stickers, letters for vehicle windows, store front windows, operating hours, name tags, bumper stickers, wall art, OSHA safety decals and custom stickers to promote your business or event.

Based on your needs, we have a wide range of vinyl material with differing grades of adhesion. If you require a ‘low tack’ sticker that will need to be removed quickly after an event, we can help. If you need ‘high tack’ floor graphics that will withstand heavy traffic and still retain its color and adhesion, we can provide that as well. We can even print a decal that will adhere to a brick wall as if it were painted on!


Magnetic signs deliver a powerful message and can be removed or shared among several vehicles.

Our experience with many types of vehicle lettering, permanent and temporary, allows us to guide and advise you with your color selection, font and logo placement, and design. We use the finest quality materials that are weather resistant and UV (ultra violet) resistant to avoid fading. Unless specified otherwise, it is typical to round the corners of your car magnetic signs to keep the corners from peeling up on the road during use.

For night use, TPS Signs can create your magnetic signs using reflective material. Reflective material allows light from headlamps to illuminate your company's message and logos even in the dark! The materials, either premium or reflective, are designed to last outdoors, in the rain, snow, heat, and cold. Storage recommendations for magnetic signs include not folding the signs, rather placing them flat on a metal surface to keep them flat and attractive looking.

Magnetics are sold in typical sizes such as 12" x 18", 12" x 24", 18" x 24" but many other sizes are available based on the area available.